During Re:Rotterdam 6 - 10 February 2013 I will present my first interactive portrait!

Portrait Series No.1 is an interactive portrait that plays with the human gaze and behavior. Related to old oil paintings and to photography, this portrait focus on androgyny, the fine line between masculinity and femininity.
The work questions how we look at art, which usually is patient to be looked at.

 This work chooses as its subject characters of androgynous gender. How will the spectator react to the androgynous features of the model? Will they stare at the portrait? Will they feel like being watched, or even ashamed?

Portrait Series no.1 engages the viewer - who might stare - by looking back.

The work reacts if it is approached, and looks outside its frame - at you.



Portrait no.1 is developed at V2_Lab as part of the 
Summer Sessions 2012 


About Re:Rotterdam
On the 6th of February the third edition of the contemporary art fair Re:Rotterdam will commence. This years location is Blaak 16-18 in Rotterdam with a total of 17.000 square metres.

This event will be held simultaneously to ArtRotterdam.

As the name suggests Re:Rotterdam, is a reply/ response/ reaction to certain practices within the art. It is a re-ordering of the art fair/market and the establishments surrounding them.

A re-focusing.

As such the Re:Rotterdam is the fourth in a series of side events which will act as a counter-point to other more established events. Bringing vitality, and daring back into the fold.

This event is organized by Galerie Jaap Sleper (formerly known as Galerie 10) their affiliated galleries, network, artists, artist initiatives and sponsors, all on a non-profit basis.

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